21 Reasons to Get in the Word Everyday



By number three on the list of 100 reasons, I tied my shoes and got outside. Sometimes we need a reminder to do the things that are best for us. Here's your reminder list for reading God's word. Hopefully you'll be convinced by number 3, stop reading this list and open your Bible.

  1. It's true- it will dismantle the lies in your life.
  2. It's alive- it will make you feel more alive.
  3. There is an active enemy who knows he stands no chance if you open it up and digest it. He should lose today.
  4. You may need a specific word you read to get you through your day.
  5. Someone else may need a specific word you read to get them through their day.
  6. We get to know God by reading it. When we know God more, we love him more.
  7. We get to know ourselves by reading it. Our true selves- through our creator's eyes.
  8. These words stand forever. The only ones that can. The only ones that will.
  9. It is the only offensive weapon we have to fight off the schemes of evil around us.
  10. It gives us words to pray when we don't know what to pray.
  11. It never, ever returns void- it is never a waste of time.
  12. It makes us curious about God, his designs, his workings, his ways. Childlike faith starts here.
  13. It is a lifeline for us- like spiritual bread. Because we cannot live on bread alone.
  14. It reminds us miracles happened and still can. 
  15. It makes us watchful for God's hand the rest of the day.
  16. It reads us and convicts us of the places we're in danger or missing the mark.
  17. It's an act of humility to know there is an authority we submit to- our hearts belong here. 
  18. It's unlike any other book ever written. It has been fought for, protected, and miraculously sustained.
  19. We can find wisdom for any situation, comfort in any feeling, instruction in any confusion.
  20. Others around the world have risked their lives and well being at the chance to read these very words. 
  21. It equips us for what's next. Even when we don't know what's next.