A Couple Steps Ahead

1/13 Who do you know that lives, operates (maybe believes) in a way you could learn from?  

Some of the people I feel like I learn the most from are younger than me. Like this group I get to see once a month.

Some of the people I feel like I learn the most from are younger than me. Like this group I get to see once a month.

If you're anything like me, this question could be answered with a whole slew of people. I hope to be someone until I'm old, creaky and grey that believes all of us have something valuable to learn from just about everyone we encounter. I think I learned more about humbly receiving kindness from the homeless gentleman, John, outside of Trader Joes than I have any other human being on earth. I learn more about the freedom in expressing emotions (ALL of them!) from my two-year-old daughter than any other man or woman. I even learn deep-rooted lessons from strangers in line at the grocery store who are patient with their children, look the cashier in the eye, smile at the people behind them. People teach me so very very much. 

I am especially drawn to people in this season that have immovable faith, pray like it's the most important business they do, and seem genuinely more interested in others around them than the hum of their own story. I can't get enough of people like this. Faith-filled, confident in their God and humble to their core. I flock towards these people because they are rare and because ultimately- I desire to be a woman described in this way.

Whomever came to mind when you first faced this question is laced with purpose. There are reasons and music notes behind the melody of the life-song this person is singing that made you stop, notice, and want some of that. Whatever that may be. One thing I love about great questions is they have the power to create action- to do something you maybe wouldn't have done without probing. When we ask important things of ourselves and ponder long enough to answer honestly- we may just do something about the answer. I love action where there may have been stagnation. It fires me up more than almost anything. 

So here's the action I hope you take: tell this person who you thought of that he/she is the person you thought of. 

You will make his/her day. All of us have trouble seeing the growth in our own lives. Imagine your weekend as normal and someone you love (or maybe know just a little) stops you, puts their hands on your shoulders, looks you in the eye and says "I've noticed the way you live. The way you believe God, the way you operate in your triumphs and trials and you know what? I want to live in a similar way. I respect you and can learn a lot from you."

Day made.

They will only want to live like that more. I promise you. Then, spend some time with that person. Ask them a million questions. Bother them with your questions. 

You can learn so much about people based off of how they answer this question. It's almost like you found a secret key that unlocks part of their potential someday. So ask it of your people this weekend. Make the awkward transition from who you think will be in the Super Bowl to "Hey, you know what someone asked me today?" and see where it goes. 

My greatest hope is at the other end of this question, the people we ultimately want to be more like look an awful lot like Jesus. I can almost guarantee this is true of your person. Even if he or she doesn't personally have an active relationship with Christ, the characteristics you mentioned or thought of will almost undoubtedly match his character. He is that good. That perfect. That set apart. Even the people that don't want to know him have desires to be like him. Honest. Free. Completely ourselves. Humble. Selfless. Light-hearted. Passionate. Whatever you see in the life of another that draws you- chances are Jesus operated in that way first. Praise him. 

Then maybe one day, after years and years (and years) of growth towards the character of Christ, we might be able to confidently say what Paul said to the Corinthian church. Paul. What a boss.

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.
— 1 Corinthians 11:1

Who is the person you're thinking of? Tell them today. Write it below and send them the link. Ask them good questions and look for the characteristics you love about them in the Bible. I can almost promise Jesus is described that way. He is and will always be our ultimate example. 

I know what you're thinking. Who's your person, Kristin?? Don't worry. I told them today. :)