Just Dream

1/20 Do you have a God-sized dream? Who knows this dream?

 I believe we all dream. Donald Miller would say we daydream all day and the only thing that ever turns it off is getting wrapped up in a good story. Are you conscious of your dreams? Or are they stuffed down? Are they shooed away and labeled silly, scary and elusive?  It is easy to neatly pack ourselves and our dreams away in the name of responsibility and practicality. After all, those are high values in our society (and sometimes) even more applauded in Christian circles. I mean, following Jesus 'well' means always doing the right thing, not rocking the boat, and being sensible enough to calculate each move right?

My favorite people are dreamers. They make me better and they make me braver. But there are different kinds of dreamers. There are dreamers who dream and dream and dream and then never do anything about it (me). There are dreamers who dream and then kill themselves in their own strength and power to make it a reality (sometimes me.) And then there are dreamers who dream hard, pray harder and then commit that dream, the process and all the results to God of the universe. To be clear, that third group is my favorite. To borrow a phrase from Mark Batterson, they dream and pray like it depends on God and then work like it depends on them. 

People like this are invigorating to be around because they usually end up accomplishing incredible things, but remain ruthlessly humble because they know how little a part they played in the process. 

I do have a God-sized dream. It used to be this website. An idea of asking people I know and people I may never know the great, big questions to create inroads to the ways and movements of God. But now, my God-sized dream is to be paid to be a writer. I don't care if it's ten dollars or ten thousand, but my hushed, impractical dream is to be a writer. By trade and by paycheck. Of course money doesn't make someone a writer. My bestie, Katie, always says "you're a writer if you write" which makes my soul cry out with a resounding YES. But when I dream, alone with God and alone in my own thoughts, I dream about writing and I dream about speaking about his goodness, his Word and his overwhelming relevance to each and every one of us. The paid part brings a small sliver of practicality to an overwhelmingly impractical dream.

So who knows about my dream? Well, you now. Welcome to my inner thoughts! But there's also a small group of friends who live both close by and thousands of miles aways whom I've let in to my writing dreams. Why? Usually because they have the audacity and selflessness to ask. 

Rarely (if ever) do I blurt out dreams without first being prompted and prodded. Dreams seem to only surface in conversation when asked about. Because they're dreams. They feel far-off, slippery and scary. I'm always surprised how much I trust someone when I let them in to my dreams. It's the same when I cry in front of people. I shock myself with the love I have for a person to be so wide-open and exposed. I remember ugly-crying with my friend, Cheri, in her driveway a couple nights before I moved from Arizona to Chicago in my early twenties. It was summer in the desert and I can still remember how hot the tears felt on my cheeks even in triple digit temperatures. I sobbed and laughed, like a game of emotional-tag. I cried out of sadness and laughed in lighthearted disbelief of the freedom to just cry with someone I trusted. 

Dreaming is the same. 

When we just dream with someone we trust there is an illuminated passageway of possibility created where only doubt or excuse existed before. 

So if you don't know where to start in your dreaming- may I suggest starting with the most trustworthy person on the planet? Yep. Jesus. Dreaming with our creator is something prized and special because there is absolutely no one who knows us, our hidden dreams, our debilitating fears, or laundry list of excuses better. Simultaneously, there is no one who loves us and believes in us more. He's just the best ever.

Then, once you're able to articulate your God-sized dream, tell someone else. Someone trustworthy. A tried-and-true cheerleader in your life. Dreams grow legs when others know about them. It's a crazy accountability and motivator to do our part. 

In order for a God-sized dream to truly be God-sized, it should make you chuckle a little bit. It should make you shake your head in adolescent naivety. It should feel audacious. But God is so honored there. He is glorified when we dream and ask things of him that are seemingly impossible. Impossible is where we end and where he starts. So make your God-sized dream a little crazy. A little impossible without divine intervention. 

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.
— Matthew 19:26

Ask your people today about their God-sized dreams. If they say they don't have one, that's okay. I guarantee they won't stop thinking about it the rest of the day. Share yours below or with your go-to's. God becomes even bigger when we dream with him and his people.