Why A New Website?

Yesterday on Instagram, I deemed 2016 the year of humbling celebration. There were so many things to celebrate, praise God for and shake my head about in unfathomable gratitude. But there were also things that happened to me physically, spiritually and emotionally that left me humbled and helpless. I naturally despise those two destinations so 2016 brought some kicking and screaming in my soul that resembled that of my occasionally-disgruntled toddler.  But I began admitting defeat, saying no to things that were 'easy yes's' before and received grace with a stink-face. 

It's crazy how becoming real with one part of my heart opened up new realities in other chambers. Making nice with the weaknesses within me made the space available in my soul to dream a little bit. I prayed about my future. I prayed with quiet curiosity as to why God made me the specific way he did. And then. I listened.

I became laser-focused, for perhaps the first time ever, on the things that made me tick and made me... me. And that lead me to this. To God. To his people. To writing. To asking good questions. And to growth no matter what the season or circumstance.

So, with things still needing to be ironed out... I am committing this year to you. To providing the questions necessary to reflect and think long enough to create action, change and growth. I believe in the power of a good question. It stirs things in me and others that for years may have remained dormant and untapped. But more so, I believe in the power of Jesus Christ and his ability to change us. A good question is a mere musing without the power of the Holy Spirit behind it. 

When good questions are combined with the person of Christ- anything is possible. We have no choice but to change and become new. He's that good at transforming us. 


I hope you join in and receive a question every Monday and Friday. 

I hope you think long and hard about your answers and how God directly intersects into each one. 

I hope you're moved enough by your answer and God's spirit stirring inside of you that you ask the same question of your roommates, co-workers or family that night. 

I hope you allow God to be the one who changes you... that somehow we can all find the balance between showing up and letting go. 

I hope you can feel yourself becoming new. And on the days you can't, I hope your loved ones love you enough to point it out.

Lastly, I hope God gets crazy glory through this project. I believe he created us to be in action for him. With a gaze so strong on his throne that we can't help but inch closer each and every day.

Lots of love, exciement and anticipation,