3 Books that Changed My Faith in College


Hey guys. It has been awhile since I've been with you. My soul has taken some deep breaths and this site has gotten a cute little makeover. It feels good and right to be typing on these keys once again.

It is a goal of mine to focus these blog posts to be quick, practical and helpful for your faith journey. Please write to me with specific subjects of faith you'd love practical insight on. I'd love to help and if I can't I'd love to point you to someone who can. 

I am a fan of books. More than I'm a fan of reading, actually. I collect books and stack them and have massive ambition to consume them ALL. 

Sadly, I don't often finish the books I start reading. But these three I read. Every last word. As a college student they held invaluable wisdom and met me exactly where I sat. I pray they do the same for you. Any of these would make a great Christmas gift for your college-aged friend/sibling/child (or self!)

1. The Search for Significance by Robert S. McGee

College years are a hot mess. Purpose, career, relationships, and simple other questions like DO I EVEN MATTER? are common. This book breathed life into me. It will for you too. 

2. Forgotten God by Francis Chan

We hear a lot about his book, Crazy Love, but little about this one. This book describes and dissects the work and person of the Holy Spirit in a way that magnifies Him and yet makes Him make sense. I'm convinced the trajectory of a life changes dramatically when we know and understand the often 'forgotten' third part of the Trinity. 

3. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

You know how your mom told you, "Don't judge a book by it's cover?" Well, I judged this one by the cover. I'm not exactly the romance novel type and the cover will trick you into thinking you're reading a Nicholas Sparks novel. But no. Power through and open it up. This take on the Old Testament book of Hosea will leave you speechless. Keep going past the beginning. Endure. It will be worth it. Any book that has over 4000 comments on Amazon and still has five stars is an automatic read.

These books will help you in your journey to being all in with Jesus.. 

Today I'm all in. Hope you are too. 

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