2/10 Who do you need to show up for today?

It's amazing how questions that I have thought about for months happen to fall at the exact right time in my life. I can see God conducting a grand orchestra- knowing what's coming. Knowing the notes and the instruments that need to be played at the exact right time in order to guide our lives along to the melody he's written.

I am moved-close to sloppy tears- while writing this post because of how well I have been served the past couple days. 

On Wednesday, around naptime, I heard a knock at the door. Austin was in the kitchen and I heard him open it. Holding and swaying with Remi, I heard him say, "Kris, it's for you." Confused and (to be real) a little annoyed, I walked down the hall to find my best friend smiling ear to ear, holding bags and shrugging her shoulders in gleeful delight. 

I might have screamed. I might have covered my mouth. I don't really know or remember. Seeing someone you love and didn't expect may just be the greatest thing in the entire world. 

And just like Jesus, Katie came not to be served- but to serve. She immediately took Remi from my arms and I got to eat lunch. She fast-forwarded the 'boring parts' of Sound of Music for Ry while I got ready, she stayed home with Remi while I went to Westmont to speak, she folded my laundry (like even underwear you guys), picked up toys, went grocery shopping, made a fabulous meal that lingered sweet smells well into bedtime,  cleared the table, did the dishes, and slept on the couch. She was here for less than twenty four hours, but the impact will remain for years and years. 

Katie is a friend who shows up. She carries the weight and importance of physical presence in friendship. She buys plane tickets. Alex takes the day off work so that she can show up. It's incredible. My heart bursts over the love I feel. 

Showing up makes Jesus real. When people show up for you- you get to taste grace. It's delicious even if it feels awkward going down. When people show up you have no choice but to accept the love that's right in front of you. Everything in me wanted to make her dinner, encourage her, and make her feel special- but she came on mission to do those things for me and she would not be stopped. Opened-handed, I received. Humbly and so gratefully. Unaware of how badly I need it. Needed her.

And now, Jess, my faith-filled, amazing sister-in-law is here. Serving and loving us like crazy. What would I do without people showing up??

Who are you showing up for today? Ask God to reveal someone to you. I am. Don't be surprised if I show up at your doorstep, demanding to fold your laundry.