3/13 Who do you want to be in 10 years? How do you want to change?

Ten years from now, I’ll be forty-one. Something about that doesn’t seem right. When I look in the mirror, I face an occasional shock by the adult staring back at me. Do you have “how did I get here’ moments? I do. Almost daily. Ten years from now, Austin and I will be on our way to celebrating eighteen years of marriage. Ryen will be twelve, almost thirteen and Remi will have just turned ten. It’s mind-boggling to know we will arrive there one day.

So who do I want to be? Two things come to mind right away...

I want to be a student. I fear (even in the short removal I’ve had from the classroom) it’s esier for me to be teacher than student. Expert over learner. In my forties I want to be a studier. I want to be a daily pupil of God’s word. I want to study the language, the themes, the verses, word-by-word. I want to study my husband. I want to look for the ways that God is moving in him. I want to study the season he is in and ask how I can best serve and encourage him- right where he is. I want to study my girls (and any other kids the Lord chooses to bless us with) with intention. I want to know what makes them tick. I want to take notice when they have hidden hurts. I want to celebrate the God-breathed differences in them and encourage them to do the same. I want to study my own heart and allow God to as well. I want to be a student of where he’s taken me and where he’s taking me. I would love to be a student in a classroom again in ten years. I don’t know the subject yet, but I want my brain to expand with my expanding years

I want know more and think more of heaven. With each passing decade, I hope that I become more acquainted, more enamored, more anticipatory of my real home. In my self-centered, seemingly invincible teens and twenties, I thought little of heaven outside of death, beautiful clouds or mention of it in a sermon. I believe thinking more of heaven will breathe more joy, purpose and urgency behind the temporal life I have been given, not owed. Thinking of heaven will loosen the grip I have on daily problems, stresses and inconveniences. It will gently fix my gaze on the forever part of this world instead of the weight of now. It will ensure I don’t over-value or under-value my time here, but instead walk in line with the such-a-time-as-this purpose of my ‘just passing through” existence.

What about you? Who do you want to be? Instead of saying, I want to be brave, or I want to be more full of faith- what are the the practical things you will do (and be doing) to arrive as that person? Share below or with your people. Dream about the future. It changes our present when we do.