3/17 What’s the first thing people notice about you?


I'm tall. That's the short answer.

It's hilarious to be walking- anywhere- and the first thing people do (male or female) is glance down at my feet to see what kind of monster heels I must be wearing. The shock in their eyes makes me laugh. No monster heels in sight. That chick is actually THAT TALL. 

This is a fascinating question to ask people. You learn a lot about how they see themselves and their perceived perception of what others see. You learn if the thing that is most noticeable is (in their mind) a good thing or bad thing. You learn if they have come to grips with this trait. You learn how they cope with people noticing. You learn if what they think people notice is actually the first thing you noticed about them. 

Being tall used to bring me a lot of shame. Growing up, I hated being different and I hated being taller than virtually every boy. It is impossible to hide. I'm tall. Always have been. Always will be. 

Unless you've been a tall, middle school girl, I understand if you are wondering what is the big deal? Our world looks at athletes, super models, and the ability to reach the top shelf and says "BEING TALL IS AWESOME." But for the twelve year old, lanky and awkward girl who hasn't discovered the game of volleyball yet- being tall is a curse. 

The first thing people notice about us is almost always something that makes us different. Unique. Special. Otherwise people wouldn't comment. Can you imagine? 'Wow, you are the exact height of the average woman in america. Fascinating.' We don't do that. We notice, we comment on the unusual. This can be good and bad. 

What I have found is what mades us different has tremendous purpose. The very curse I spoke of earlier has opened doors to my best friends, a learned work-ethic, a free education, travel around the world, a job I consider a calling, my husband, and countless other invaluable additions. 

So how about you? What do people notice first about you? Chances are it makes you different. What is the purpose behind it? Dig for this answer. Shame will begin to disappear when we come to grips and own our uniqueness. 

Read Psalm 139. No part of us is hidden. Every part has purpose. God is behind each detail. He doesn't waste anything. Even lanky, middle school legs.