3/20 Do you like who you are? Why or why not?

I have to be honest. I wrote an answer to this question a few weeks ago and I deleted it yesterday. It didn't feel real or authentic anymore. Most of the time? Yes, I have a fondness of who I am. Not because I'm awesome but instead because I am simply not who I used to be. Jesus is behind that change. The big, broad change and the little shifts in everyday life. If I like anything about myself or you like anything about me- that can be credited to Christ. Christ alone and his Spirit's residency and work in my life. 

But I just got done putting two whiny girls down for naps and you know what? I was mad. Like livid. So annoyed I wanted to throw a pillow. What is it with me and whiney attitudes? It sends me to the moon in less that half a second. Complainers drive me absolutely batty. And a little whiner is basically a mini complainer. 

So what did I do?


In the twenty first minute, no, I did not like myself too much.

Living a life in service to others (God or people or both) is a daily death to your own agenda. It's a daily death to your plans, your expectations, your preferences. It MAKES US live a life in opposition to ourselves when every natural fiber of our being screams out ME. ME. ME. 

It turns out, I'm not so good at dying. 

And the death-to-self process brings out the ugliest shades in and on me. Like a closet full of mustard-yellow tops. 

In order to like myself or the person I'm becoming, that means I need help. I need Jesus. Kristin becoming more Kristin means Kristin is becoming more like Jesus. The truest parts of me, the best parts, are the places he resides. My prayer for me and for you today is borrowed off the arm of my sister-

"that they may see me and only see You"

"that they may see me and only see You"

Take a look in the mirror of your own soul. Do you like what you see? What do you have to surrender or say sorry for today so that your soul reflection looks more like Christ? Share below or with your people today.