4/10 If your life were a movie would you want to watch it? (Inspired by my brother, Kyle, on his birthday)

The comedic genius that is Kyle Thomas Trayser 

The comedic genius that is Kyle Thomas Trayser 

My brother, Kyle, turns 29 today. Way to go and way to live, Ky. A few years ago, Kyle attended a conference in San Diego that catapulted him deeper into a love of all-things-story. Kyle graduated with a degree in Film last June and has since landed a job where he uses a camera to tell a stories. Kyle has made me love and appreciate film more. His passion is contagious and his eye is unique. 

So if you were to think about your life as a movie- what kind of story is being told? Comedy? Tragedy? Drama? Documentary? (Kid Movie? haha- Sometimes when I go to bed with the Clifford theme song in my head, I think, what has become of my life?)

I would like more comedy in my life story. There is something about stepping foot into real, adult shoes. They feel heavier. Soon, life feels heavier. When my life feels heavy and there's a lack of lovely lightness- less things are funny and comedy is scarce. I love to laugh and would say YES quicker to this question if my life felt a bit lighter. 

What truly makes any story worth telling, watching, re-telling, and re-watching is the struggle that main character is going through in order to solve the problem/get the girl/come into their own. My very favorite stories are the redemptive ones. I could watch those all day-every day. 

So, naturally I asked myself, Am I living a redemptive story? 

A redemptive story means being aware of unhealthy entanglements and stepping away. A redemptive story means crashing into the storms of life head-on instead of helplessly letting hardships just 'happen' to us. A redemptive story fully embraces the 'here and now' no matter how hard or hopeless in an effort to gain footing to reach the 'then and there.' A redemptive story isn't walked alone- the process always includes a slew of people. A redemptive story is one that hopes- even when it feels ridiculously foolish. A redemptive story is ultimately impossible without the redeeming example of Jesus on the cross. Any story that has given us goosebumps, made us cry, hope or dream- exist in power because of the greatest redemption story ever told. 

Most days, yeah, I think I'm living a redemptive story. Because I know and follow Jesus. It may not be flashy, artsy or well-edited, but there is a deeper, sweeter narrative going on in me because of the truth of who my God is. 

In less than a week I'll celebrate that great redemption story of Jesus. I hope you will too. And I'll smile to myself knowing that the death-to-life process is one I get to live in, claim and choose every day for the rest of my time here on earth.