Do You Pray for Yourself?

4/28 What are you praying for yourself these days? 

I get a lot of coffee (tea) with people. I sit down across small, coffeeshop tables from countless people every year. Routinely, I will ask to end the time in prayer. Only recently have I gotten accustomed to asking the person I'm meeting with to close in prayer for herself. In the past, I would ask what they needed prayer for and then regurgitate to the Lord in my own words. But there's something holy, rich and special about getting let-in to one's personal prayer life.

We shy away from self-prayers because we think we sound selfish. But can I tell you something? No one needs prayer more than me. No one needs prayer more than you. We all need it. In good seasons and treacherous ones- we don't shift in our need for prayer. We may shift in our self-reliance but our need remains (whether or not we're aware of it.)

I learn boatloads about the heart of a person, how they interact with Jesus, and what they really want when I allow them the space to pray out loud for themselves. It's powerful to hear and an honor to agree with. 

After some encouragement from my main gal, Beth Moore, I am praying each morning that God would help me love Jesus with everything I am. Often, I am too dense to remember that this is something I can ask God for. I stay in my own-strength thinking it's up to me to love Jesus and want to love him. But I can't do that myself. Not authentically, everyday. 

God wants to give me that. He wants to shape my heart to love Jesus more. Isn't that amazing news?

So I am praying that he would plant a supernatural love for Jesus and for his word in me. Immovable. Other-worldly. I can't wait to see how he answers it- because when he does- I know there won't be anyone but HIM to praise and thank. 

What about you? Do you even pray for yourself? When was the last time you prayed for yourself out loud? Or asked a friend to pray for him/herself out loud? There is power in joining in those personal-prayer spaces.