4/3   If you could play all day and didn’t have to ‘accomplish’ anything- what would you do today?

Playing is fun. I watch Ry do it everyday. I do it everyday with Ry. But do I play? For me? Just because? Rarely. I know people who play well. Do you? They're lighthearted, easy to be around and fearless. I'll admit, before I answer this question, I don't play all that often because I'm afraid. I love to play volleyball but I'm scared I'll hurt my body again. I would love to try surfing but am afraid of the ocean. I love paddle boarding, but I'm afraid I'd buy one and then I'd never take it out. Fear keeps me from playing. I don't want it to anymore. 

So if I had a full day to do nothing but play, I would make a mess of the kitchen whipping up an enormous breakfast. I would have all my favorite people around the table- chairs squished together- and we would take our sweet time eating. Breakfast food is the very best food and I would want all of it. And seconds. With a side of laughter. And mimosas. 

Then I'd go hiking. I would probably meet Emily there and we would chat about our favorite books, our jobs, and our dreams while sweating and taking breaks to gawk over the Santa Barbara splendor. I hear all the rain has caused waterfalls to rush down certain parts of our mountains for the first time in years.The fact that I haven’t seen these for myself yet makes me a little crazy.

We would get a smoothie on the way home and I would get into my car ready for a nap, a book and some alone time. I'd get home to an empty house and sway in the hammock, book in hand and probably only make it through a chapter or so before I fell asleep.

After waking up, I’d meet the fam at the beach. I’d run and splash with Ry in the water and hold Remi while Austin surfed. As Ry built a sandcastle and Remi took a nap, I’d go out and try surfing and then come in with enough time to pepper (this is volleyball-lingo) with Austin while the sun sank low in the sky.

A magical babysitter would appear to whisk the girls away to bathe them and put them to bed while Austin and I just sat. On the beach. Together. We’d watch the sunset and head over to On The Alley for a low-key dinner- still sandy and in flip-flops. We’d walk the harbor, saying hi to the other couples, holding hands and taking turns sipping on a creamy milkshake.

We’d head home but instead decide to detour to the Goodland Hotel for a nightcap around the fire. We would dream together, laugh together and just be together- with no real time crunch or agenda.

Yep. Play sounds good. It accomplishes more than we can ever see and invites us to enjoy God like children. The way he meant it to be all along. Let’s play today.

What would your day look like? How can we move toward more play even if it's 30 minutes today or half a day this weekend? Respond below or around your table later.