4/7   When was the last time you lost track of time doing something? What were you doing?

I will go to my grave believing the holiest times are the seemingly simplest times. Like a gym date on a anniversary vacation. 

I will go to my grave believing the holiest times are the seemingly simplest times. Like a gym date on a anniversary vacation. 

Back in October, Austin and I escaped for less than forty eight hours to Palo Alto for a quick second babymoon/anniversary celebration. Thanks to the magic of Priceline, we were able to stay at the Four Seasons. I made him try on the fancy robe and we laughed hysterically at how not our life the Four Seasons life is. Nice. But not reality. Which I am secretly very grateful for. 

After a morning strolling through Menlo Park and gobbling down breakfast outside a little cafe we made our way to the gym in the basement of the Four Seasons. 

Immediately I found myself giddy to be there. Before we had kids when Austin and I lived in Glen Ellyn, we would shiver our way out the door, sleepy-eyed, gym shoes still untied to have early morning (like dark morning) dates at the gym. We took our time doing our separate exercises*, high-fiving as we passed by each other, chatting occasionally about whatever song or podcast inside our earbuds. We left as the sun rose, sweaty, arm-in-arm, and extra hungry for breakfast.

As I thought about this question, I honestly evaluated that the last time I 'lost track of time' was during an extended, non-work-related trip away from kids. It's not a bad thing, but as a mom, I am always aware of the time. How long a nap went, when the little one eats next, when preschool pickup is... etc. 

There was something so beautifully everyday about that time in the gym with Austin. I loved it and lost track of time because we weren't rushed, it reminded me of our story, it's something we enjoy equally, and best of all, we were together. 

I could have spent hours and hours in there: smiling at each other from across the way, simultaneously thankful for our past and taken-back by the current story being written. We left sweaty and arm-in-arm, praising God.

Losing track of time speaks to your passion. It speaks to the necessary (yet neglected) places our souls are filled. I believe in the things that make us lose track of time because they provide the inroads to God's marvelous presence. He operates outside of time so losing track of time means we get to find him in new ways. 

*Important side note: We made the mistake of doing the same lifting routine once and the competitive parts of me put the kibosh on that for the rest of time. 

What about you? What makes you lose track of time? How can you schedule that in to your year ahead? Ask your people this question. Then make the arrangements necessary for them to do it. They will be a new man/woman.