Where Is God Most Present?

5/1: Where is God's presence unmistakable?

Of course, when it comes to this question, the 'right' answer is- God is present at all times, everywhere, forever and without ceasing. (Read Psalm 139:7-10 to be sure.) However, he has uniquely wired us with bents, preferences and personal, receptive stories. Often the best parts of our spiritual journeys are the times we most vividly, tangibly feel his presence. There may only be a handful of these times: the moments we know (that we know that we know) without doubt or mistake that God is real. 

I want to know if you have a certain place. A place of such richness of history, beauty, sacredness or meaning that you can't help but feel God the moment you walk in, sit down, or inhale. 

My number one is the water. 

Streams, lakes, rivers, oceans, ponds, downpours, even an exceptional puddle. I feel the presence of God by the water. 

My warmest childhood memories revolve around my grandma's pool. The clean smell of chlorine, the splashing, the diving, the coconutty sunscreen, the almost-shocking cool of the water and the hug of the sun-warmed beach towel. Everything about the pool and the water brought joy to me.

These days, I have the audacity to call the Pacific Ocean part of my 'home.' When I need a deep breath of the grandness of God or a wordless reassurance of the grace of Jesus, I go to the ocean. My last beach visit, it took a good thirty minutes to unwind from life. There, in the unwound, exposed and palpable places of my heart, I felt God so clearly. Unmistakably. 

My number two is the church I grew up going to. Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois. 

This is new actually. Every since my parents told me the story of their own conversion and 'all-in' dive with God, that piece of land in South Barrington, IL has become holy ground for me. I go back and walk the campus and think about how little Kristin's first 'God thoughts' were formed within these walls, among these trees, walking-to-and-from the parking lot. The history of my parents' walk of faith and the building-block composition of my own story are traced back there. God. Unmistakably. 

What about you? Where do you feel God the most? And more importantly, when was the last time you were there? When do you have plans to go again?