Those Two Magic Words

5/5 Who do you need to thank today for something so gloriously 'everyday'?

Grateful people are my favorite people. They abolish discontentment, take notice of others and seem to hover somewhere above their circumstances. 

Humans are creatures of habit. We love routine and thrive when there is a sense of predictability in and around us. There are people we see, acknowledge, and work alongside who do (and say) very similar things day in and day out. We could live a lifetime rubbing elbows with people and never actually take the time to thank them. 

So today, I'm going to write my postman a note. Seems appropriate doesn't it? I don't know this gentleman's name and yet he is the sweetest man. There are consistently about two thousand cars that park on our street (if you have ever babysat for us- you know this.) Almost daily he has to park his truck and get out just to get to our street-side mailbox. If I happen to be outside in the front yard with the girls he has smiles every single time. His kindness outweighs any letter, any package he's delivered to us. 

I'm noticing him. And I'm going to thank him. I hope to learn his name too. 

It's a gloriously everyday thing to deliver mail- and our postman deserves an out-of-my-way thank you for the ways he delivers it. 

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.
— Colossians 4:2

What about you? How can you be watchful and thankful today? Will a barista get a special thank you? A teacher? A dry-cleaning employee? An exceptional bagger at Trader Joe's? Who do you need to look in the eye and thank for the 'everyday'?