Good Morning and Happy June to ya!

I drove home with an awesome lady from a retreat yesterday and she said something to the effect of, "Did May even happen?" 

May can feel this way- transitioning from school to summer, one grade to another, cooler to warmer temperatures. 

So here we are in June. Thank you for your grace (and even a couple of you cheering me on!) as I take some space and margin in May and June. 

All of June's questions can be found below.

I'll be back in July with some exciting new things to report :) :)

6/5 Where are you feeling stuck?


6/9 When was the last time you sat still enough to listen to God's voice?


6/12 What is one outrageous thing you want to do this summer but you're too scared to try?


6/16 What are you avoiding these days?


6/19 Where do you need to give yourself a little extra grace (or receive the grace that is already yours from God?)


6/23 How do you recharge? Do you know? How often do you do it?


6/26 What was the last thing that made you cry in a good way?


6/29 Who needs a phone call today? Not just a text but a phone call?


I love you all and cannot wait to connect in July!