What Does 32 Look Like To You?


On Wednesday I'll turn 32 years old. It seems a little bewildering. How? And also, it seems about right. I go back and forth on my feelings about it. 

One of my core character goals is to grow in humility as I grow older. Growing in humility means acknowledging I can learn something (something valuable even) from absolutely every human soul. 

So I ask you today, so I can learn from you:

What does 32 look like to you?

Maybe you haven't quite gotten there. Perhaps you hear 32 and think to yourself- good luck honey, but I'm not going to get there anytime soon. Sooner than you think, my dear. But also, you have time. What do you picture your life looking like at 32? How is that version of yourself different than the only you look at in the mirror? What will it take to get there?

Or maybe you're past 32. You look back and don't miss it. Or you look back fondly. What did 32 hold for you? A questioning crisis of self? The forgotten years? Or perhaps the decade you truly started to come alive? What would you have changed? What do you wish you would've known? 

Or maybe you're 32 yourself. What are you finding? What is getting unearthed in you? What is coming to pass? What is new? What needs to be let go of? 

32 for me looks more like honesty than pretending. 32 looks more like rest than pushing. 32 looks more like giving away than holding on tight. 32 looks humbling and empowering at the same time. It looks capable and somehow completely disqualified but increasingly comfortable with both.

I want to learn and grow and make 32 the best one yet. Not because I have false hopes but because I believe in a true and good God.

All in, Jesus. This year is yours. 

Happy January, Happy New Year, Happy 32 reflection.