austin (the city)

So here we are in Austin, friends. The air is sticky and so are the homemade popsicles running down Remi's chin. I told a new friend at church this morning that Texas is the fourth state in our marriage. It seems the cross-country move is what we do. The third time around, I seem to anticipate moving will be hard and it will take time. I know this. But it doesn't make the longing for easy and fast go away. To dress up the transition a bit and make our lives a little lovlier, I've adopted some new rhythms. And logged minutes with some tried-and-true day-boosters. 


New Rhythms: 

1. Go to places that feel familiar. There's a Coffee Bean a mile away from our house. This is a gift from the hand of God. I am a devoted TEA person. I might've shed a tear when I saw it. We went to In-N-Out Burger after church today- just like we did every Sunday in California. It felt right and somehow tasted saltier and better than I remembered. And whenever I can- I head to the water. Lake, river- WHATEVER- just get me there so my soul can smile.

2. Workouts A couple months ago, I stumbled upon The Balanced Life with Robin Long. A Santa Barbara gal and a friend of several of my friends. She sends me workouts. She sends me recipes. Sometimes all I have is ten minutes and I get to move and breathe and take care of my mom bod a bit. 

3. Calling it a bust when it's a bust. Learning a new city means trial and error. I have loaded kids in carseats with high hopes of sweet experiences, fun pools, and good food to instead get lost, notice the pool is not open, and the food isn't served until later. So we get back in the car, call it a bust and go home and have ice cream. 

Day Boosters:

1. Voxer I have a secret goal to get worse at texting. I'm already bad. But I want to be on my phone even less. But Voxer. Love. When the girls are down or I'm driving by myself I talk and talk and talk to "no one" while picturing a conversation with a friend. There's something about hearing the voice of my people. If you need to get ahold of me- use Voxer. 

2. Plants One of the first trips we made in our new city was to Home Depot to stock up on plants. Now every room has a little life, a little green, a little beauty. Plants make my eyes happy and remind me things (and people) can survive and thrive when they're uprooted and planted somewhere else.

3. Painting The girls and I do this everyday. The color, the mess, the expression, the creativity- I love it all. We have painted every paper plate in our pantry and most of our old FCA stationary. Brush, water, paint, paper- repeat. Good for 19 month olds and 32 year olds.

Austin (the city): we are learning you and loving you. Keep showing off and we'll keep showing up.

Talk soon,

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