The move to Austin has been about sisters. The ones I gave birth to and the one I've known as my own her whole life. 

It seems we landed in Austin and the girls decided they had come of age to enjoy each other. Even if temporarily- it is as if they knew- until friends were made in a new city- the best friend they could muster up shared her daddy and last name.

Remi turned twenty months yesterday and it seems she's reached the amount of months one can 'hang' with a four year old. They build together, dance together, laugh incessantly. 

The third week we went to church, Ry's class made a friendship bracelet craft out of paper. Her sweet teacher seemed touched that Ry made her bracelet for her sister. I smiled at her and said, "We're new. Remi is kind of her only friend right now!"

I will remember this season as three things: the season I learned how to truly love being a mother, the season we were so unbelievably hot, and the season I saw our girls bond and build a foundation of friendship I pray will last a lifetime.

So in a season I've gotten to see my sister more than ever (we still can't believe it and pinch ourselves) it has been a gift to see this other blondie pair of sisters begin to figure each other out and love anyway.

Talk soon, 

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