Since we moved God has somehow given me a taste for temporary; bites of just how quickly our minutes stack up and our lives are lived out. I have had more moments of awe and contented peace in these days as a mother than almost any other season. Maybe miscarriage does that to you. Maybe little-to-no plans does that to you. Maybe being at home more does that to you. Whatever it is, I am thankful- so very thankful- for this season. 

We have taken our time in this transition. We still are. We have given extra hugs and extra grace. We have spent extra time together. We have eaten better, slept more and spent less. All of it feels needed, like medicine to busy souls. 

I started meal planning for the first time. I'm not a planner by nature and the weeks Austin travels the meal plan looks a lot like frozen pizza while watching Fixer Upper reruns. But most weeks we buy the food we need, prepare it and enjoy it around our rectangle table. Together. 

We have spent hours and hours at the library and Barnes & Noble- sifting through book after book, wandering, losing track of time, praising God for air conditioning. We have visited nearly every pool and splash pad; mostly soaked if we're outside- preferably with water over our own sweat. 

I've escaped to some coffee shops downtown (sometimes joined by my sis) to write, to chat, to catch up on email or clean out some space on over-stored electronics. 

And I've watched the girls play. Play for Ry these days consists of make-believe, princesses in hand and princess embodied. She dresses-up and re-dresses-up, sings, prances, and assigns us all to be characters in her story. Play for Remi consists of flipping through Peppa Pig books or puzzles. She has a thing for puzzles. She's fast and she never gets frustrated.

It's amazing to see these girls step into a new, normal weekday and mysteriously become so miraculously themselves. 

If you have prayed for me or our family in this transition- thank you. All I can say is that after Jesus- we owe all this sweetness to you.

Talk soon,

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