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I remember sitting at my very first parent-teacher conference for our pig-tailed preschooler. One of the teachers described Ryen (then only two) in beautiful and colorful words and then she flat-lined me with this sentence:

I can tell creativity and connection are high values in your home and your family.

I wanted to cry on the spot. Because she was right. About one of them. Connection is a high value in the Stockfisch house. It’s why we fly places so often. We believe in face-to-face time, in meaningful conversation, in nods, listening ears, belly laughter and heart-sharing.

The almost-tears came because I so badly wanted her to be right about our value of creativity.

Sure, our daughters paint sometimes, I love to write, and my husband got his degree in Entrepreneurship- but creativity has never been something I’ve owned or worn as mine.

But I want to. I want to create more. I want to try. I want to fail. I want to try again. I want to produce beauty not only be a consumer of it.

I want to be a creative. And that means for now, I’ll do so hesitantly.

I’m rehearsing the truth that all created beings are meant to create. Including me. Including you. In endless ways and forevermore. I’ll be sharing the process, promise to expose my failures and true roadblocks and will pray above all else that dipping our toes into creativity will pave new roads of true connection online and in person.

By the way, I’m Kristin. I’m married to Austin. I live in Austin and at this very moment those two girls are five (Ryen) and two and a half (Remi). We also just joyfully welcomed a baby boy named Rhodes. I love this life God has given me, but want to love it even more. So, hesitant or not- let’s do it.