my one mother’s day request

Have you ever been the lucky recipient of someone else’s creativity? That’s how I feel constantly about my sister and her ability to capture beautiful photos.

I only asked for one thing for Mother’s Day. Some photos taken by my sister of our little family. I thought nothing about what we would wear, didn’t want to drive anywhere far and did my hair five minutes before we headed out. I didn’t want a production. I wanted some beautiful shots to remember this season.

Before Remi graced this world I can remember a day at the beach with Ry. We pushed her on the swing as the sun began to fade. Then walked down State Street to get ice cream, Ry’s feet dangling from Austin’s shoulders. I remember walking behind them, watching them giggle, trying to picture another person in my arms instead of in my belly. I felt sad in that moment because of the sweetness of the season we were having with just Ry. We had a rhythm. A good one. Predictable, fun, dare I say even manageable? And even though I could never have known how exactly, I knew everything that felt familiar would soon change.

That’s how I feel right now. Just ever so slightly mourning this season as Stockfisch, party of four. Gripping tightly the last days as me with my girl gang, my identity as a girl mom. Whenever a chapter ends the sweet pieces inevitably surface.

We are ready for you, baby boy. But also (mostly) glad you’re taking your time.

kristin stockfisch