a baby boy and a growing mama


Creating: Avenues of growth

Of all the creating God does, I think babies are his best thing. If Jesus started on earth this way then we know there is something supernatural happening.

I will forever be taken by the simultaneous normalcy and miraculous nature of bringing a baby into the world. It’s both everyday and life-altering.

Everyone told me the third child is a wildcard. The first takes forever, the second comes fast, third? Who knows?

Rhodes came through induction, like all our babies did. I labored 18 hours and got an epidural even though I didn’t get one with Remi.

If you saw my latest Instagram post, you’ll know I recently came to grips with the fact that I am a 2 and not a 3 on the Enneagram. The process has been gradual but now I’m sure if it. Twos are nicknamed “helpers” but we are terrible at asking or receiving help ourselves.

In my pride, I went into labor with Rhodes silently thinking I couldn’t get an epidural because I had lived through one labor without one. But about 14 hours in, I needed help. So I did something a little crazy. I asked for it.

This help will be what I forever remember about Rhodes being born. Me. Kristin Stockfisch, asked for help when I needed it. I didn’t tough it out, kill myself trying to handle it all, or push through the warnings of my body. I needed help in the moment, asked for it, and instead of feeling defeated and weak- I felt empowered. Strong. Able.

Thank you, Jesus, for being our ever present help in times of trouble, for helping us even when our pride is too mountainous to ask for it, and for work that is never done in our hearts. Finally, thank you for a baby boy I never could have dreamt up. You are good.

Are you good at asking for help? Or do you need help in asking for help?

Talk soon,


P.S. All photos by the one and only Katie Trayser

kristin stockfisch