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Baby Shower - 7 - square.jpg

Yep. A boy. Hard to believe it still. I’ve been quiet about him online. I’m not entirely sure why. I think some of those thoughts are coming in a post soon. But for now, praise God with me? He’s a crazy redeemer and a giver of good gifts.

Just in case you think this day looks beyond perfect (which it was thanks to the MIL throwing the shower and my sis taking the photos) Remi threw up on me after she woke up from her nap halfway through the shower. That’s why the wrap went missing in the last couple pics.

Ah. Mother of three. That says it, huh?

Baby Shower - 1.jpg
Baby Shower - 4.jpg
Baby Shower - 10.jpg
Baby Shower - 19.jpg
Baby Shower - 18.jpg
Baby Shower - 6.jpg
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