how God best shapes me lately


Have you ever thought about going to counseling? I don’t say that because I think you need it. I say it because I think everyone needs it.

Turns out I say this a lot. I believe it and am a product of great, wise, professional counsel.

I went to my second counseling session in Austin this morning and I am such a fan. It’s humbling because most of what I gain out of this time seems very, very simple. But I’ve found that the setting, the intention, and the time is necessary to allow very simple truths to seep past my surface-level thoughts and nestle down to reach the neglected parts of my soul.

Simple truth has always been the starting line to profound change.

I love many things about counseling but one of my favorite things is the insight I gain into how God must see me. When I sit down on a chair or couch and converse in this way it’s almost as if I see facets and angles of my heart and my life that only God knows of. I get to know myself in a way he has always known me. I feel as if it’s one of the greatest tools he uses to reveal my true nature. The nature he intended and is so delicately chiseling to show off more of himself.

Have you thought about going to counseling but haven’t made the first step? Have you been and benefitted? Have you gone and been disappointed? I’d love to open this dialogue.

I think you should go. But again, that’s only because I think everyone should go.

Talk soon,


kristin stockfisch