my job description


I worked for FCA (Fellowhsip of Christian Athletes) for nearly a decade. Then in July of last year I worked my very last summer camp as a paid staff person and moved with my family from Santa Barbara, California to Austin, Texas.

When people ask how the transition out of ministry has been I tell them- “better than I thought.” Which is true and surprising. I thought I’d have a bit more of an identity crisis after my ten year ‘occupation’ changed. But I didn’t. I haven’t. Yet at least.

But today as I tucked our four year old into bed I thought about God and I thought about me. I thought about us. The surfaced reality became clear. I just miss talking about Him.

Sure, I talk about God with my husband, with our girls, with my sis who lives here, on countless Voxer messages with friends and the occasional phone conversation catch-up, but I don’t talk about Him with 5-50 people per day… hearing about how He’s moving, where He feels distant or why He’s still good in the midst of trial or trouble.

And I miss that. I miss it being part of my job description.

And so I’m going to experiment with making it part of my job description. Still. Even though the majority of the people I interact with everyday aren’t looking to me to start the God conversation, I want to. Even though I may not be getting pain to start the God conversation, I want to.

What if our job description as Jesus followers had less to do with rules/formulas/getting it right and more to do with just starting a God conversation?

So let’s talk about Him. Like we know Him and like we talk to Him. Because a lot of us do. And maybe talking about Him in the areas we’re not used to will make us know Him even more.


kristin stockfisch